These Resources are the heart of the website. We will continue to add more resources as they’re developed. Eventually, we see this page as being a one-stop shop for tools we’ve developed – polished emails, proposals for action items, examples of deliverables, and descriptions of the processes we used to implement action items. No need for all of us to create the wheel.

Table of contents


How should we use these resources?




Forming a group
How did we form?
Reaching out to department trainees about our group
Reaching out to faculty and administration



Department conversations
Initiating conversations within your department
Develop and prioritize a list of action items
Creating a statement of common values




Lunch matrix
Breaking down barriers to communication across the academic hierarchy



noun_186519_ccGathering resources
Collecting data
Sharing efforts and outcomes
Understanding and interfacing with university systems



noun_683056_ccImproving mentorship
Mentorship training
Mentor evaluation
Annual lab check-ins and communication protocols
Intellectual property


noun_117108_ccReaching out
A letter to graduate students
Connecting with students in other departments
Networking across institutions